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nordictrack elliptical reviews uk



Nordictrack Elliptical Reviews UK:


nordictrack elliptical reviews uk
Nordictrack Freestride FS7i
Nordictrack Freestride FS7i

A brand new type of elliptical trainer, the FS7i gives you a completely adaptable stride of up to 38 inches!

You can do short stair-stepping motions, longer jogging strides or even longer hurdling strides.

An adaptable stride means you choose the most comfortable stride for you. It’s also great for multiple-user families.

Plus the FS7i also comes with a full-color, touch-screen web browser in the console so you can surf the net or watch videos as you workout!

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nordictrack elliptical reviews
Nordictrack Commercial 12.9
Nordictrack Commercial 12.9 Elliptical

The premium front drive crosstrainer in the series, the Nordictrack 12.9 comes with all the bells and whistles plus commercial-grade construction.

This includes an extra-heavy flywheel and a double-wheel-track design so it can stand up to  longer, more strenuous workouts.

You also get more resistance levels than other trainers – giving you more room to grow with the machine.

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nordictrack elliptical trainers uk
Nordictrack ACT Commercial Elliptical
Nordictrack ACT Commercial Elliptical

The ACT is a super-affordable center-drive trainer.

Center drive designs take up less space and are more compact than other types of elliptical trainers.

The ACT also comes with an easily adjustable stride – from 18 to 22 inches and adjustable pedals.

So you can really personalize the elliptical running stride to your body.

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nordictrack elliptical reviews uk
Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i
Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i

Coming in at a great price, the Spacesaver SE7i gives you something most elliptical trainers don’t: the ability to fold it up.

It folds up easily with wheels on the bottom – so you can easily fold it up and move it out of the way when not in user.

And the heavier flywheel and tougher-frame construction ensures you still get a stable-feeling workout on this trainer.

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Nordictrack elliptical trainer reviews uk
Nordictrack C9.5 Elliptical
Nordictrack C9.5

This is one of the most popular Nordictrack front-drive elliptical trainers.

This is probably due to the fact that it’s one of the most affordable trainers with a built-in web browser in the console.

So you can surf the web, catch up with Facebook friends or watch YouTube videos as you workout.

The C9.5 elliptical also gives you up to 20 degrees of incline, helping you to get a better crosstraining workout overall

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nordictrack elliptical reviews uk
Nordictrack Freestrider FS5i
Nordictrack Freestride FS5i

The most affordable Freestride elliptical trainer, the FS5i still gives you the famous zero-impact, adaptable stride design.

In fact, while normal trainers usually have a stride length of 18 or 20 inches, the Freestrider FS5i gives you strides of up to 32 inches!

Plus the center-drive design makes it more compact than other types of elliptical trainers.

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nordictrack elliptical trainer reviews uk



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