Nordictrack ACT Commercial 7 Review

Nordictrack ACT Commercial 7 Elliptical – What You Need To Know


The Nordictrack ACT Commercial 7 trainer is the premium center-drive trainer in the ACT series.

Center drive ellipticals are popular since they take up less space and are more compact than standard crosstrainers. 


nordictrack act commercial 7 review
Nordictrack ACT 7 Elliptical


The ACT Commercial 7 model comes with a full-color, touch-screen web browser so you can surf the net or watch YouTube videos as you workout.

It also comes with an adjustable stride. You can set the different stride lengths from 18 to 22 inches on this trainer with the turn of a knob – to find the most comfortable fit for you.

So is the Nordictrack Commercial ACT 7 elliptical a good buy for you? Here’s what to know before you buy:


nordictrack act commercial 7 elliptical review
Nordictrack ACT Commercial 7 Console



Price:  £1499 + Free Shipping Here

Resistance Levels: 24

Stride: 18 – 22 inches

Max User Weight: 135 kg

Footprint: 165 L x 81 W x 162 H cm

Built-in Workouts: 35

Warranty:   5-year frame warranty and a 2-year parts and labour warranty



Nordictrack ACT Commercial 7 Review – Benefits:


Center Drive Elliptical Design

The ACT 7 is a center drive design – meaning that instead of one larger flywheel either in front or behind the pedals, you get two smaller flywheels on either side of the pedals. This gives you a few advantages.



nordictrack commercial act 7 review

First of all it takes up less space (it’s more of a square footprint vs a long rectangle footprint), making it great for smaller home gyms or apartments.

Second you tend to stand more upright on the pedals which feels a lot more natural for many people.



nordictrack act commercial 7 review uk



Adjustable Stride Length

You can really drill down and find the most comfortable, natural running stride for your body with this trainer.

The stride length adjusts from 18 to 22 inches. You can adjust the stride in 1/4 inch segments, making it really easy to personalize the feel and fit to your body.

It also makes the ACT 7 a great trainer for multiple-user families as everyone can find the right fit and feel for them.



Full Color Web Browser in Console

The Freestride ACT Commercial 7 trainer also comes with a 7 inch full-color, touch-screen console with Android web browser. So you can surf the net, watch YouTube videos or catch up with Facebook friends as you workout.

You can also connect to iFit through the console and watch real world trails pass you by in the console window (see below for more on iFit)



nordictrack act 7 elliptical review uk



Travel to Exotic Places with iFit

The ACT 7 elliptical also comes iFit Coach compatible. You can run trails all over the world and watch as real landmarks pass you by in the console screen.


ifit coach


You can also follow your favorite personal trainers as they lead you through workouts from the Swiss Alps to the shores of Greece – right from your console.

iFit Coach also lets you track your workouts over time, set new goals and even monitor things  like your food and sleep patterns for better overall health.


ifit coach




Adjustable Pedals

Another way to personalize the workout to your body is through the adjustable pedals. The ACT Commercial 7 comes with pedals that have 3 different toe-heel angles. So you can choose the best fit and feel for you.



nordictrack act 7 review uk



Free Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

You can get a heart rate reading using the EKG hand sensors in front of the console. Or if you buy the ACT 7 through the Manufacturer here, you can also get a free wireless monitor chest strap.

The chest strap is a better option than continually having to grasp the EKG sensors to get a reading (since you can’t work your arms.)




Nordictrack ACT Commercial 7 Elliptical Review – What You Should Know:


No Incline

Because of the limits of this center-drive design, unfortunately there is no incline or ramp with this trainer. There are however 24 different resistance levels – which will give you a lot of challenge and a great way to burn more calories as you workout.




iFit Coach

Although you don’t need iFit Coach to use this elliptical, if you want to try out everything that iFit offers, you’ll need to purchase online subscription from the manufacturer (about £79 per year).

Note that the web browser and built-in workouts all still work fine on this elliptical even without the iFit subscription.


NOrdictrack ACT Commercial 7 Trainer review uk


Bottom Line?

If you want a more premium center drive elliptical trainer with all the bells and whistles, the Nordictrack ACT Commercial 7 is worth checking out.

You get all the benefits of a center drive compact design. Plus the adjustable stride and footpedals let you customize your workout for even better comfort than other trainers.

The flywheel is heavier than the regular ACT model – giving it a more stable feel. And the entertainment options are also top notch with the built-in web browser and the tablet holder above the console.



Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can get the Nordictrack ACT Commercial 7 elliptical direct from the Manufacturer here. Plus they’re also offering you Free Shipping which can save you about £75 and the Free wireless heart rate monitor.


Click Here to Save on the Nordictrack ACT 7


nordictrack act commercial 7 review
Nordictrack ACT 7 Elliptical