Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 Elliptical Comparison – Which To Choose?


Trying to decide between the Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 Elliptical Trainers?


Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 elliptical
Nordictrack ACT Elliptical


These are both center-drive design elliptical trainers.

Unlike rear or front drive ellipticals which have one large flywheel either in front or behind the pedals, center drive trainers have two smaller flywheels on either side of the pedals.

This gives you the advantage of placing the pedals closer together and having the person stand a bit more upright on the pedals – which feels more comfortable.

Center drive trainers are also more compact than standard elliptical trainers – making them ideal for smaller spaces like condos or apartments.


nordictrack act vs act 7 comparison
Nordictrack ACT 7 Elliptical


The ACT and the ACT 7 trainers have a very similar design. They both also give you adjustable pedals and an adjustable 18 – 22 inch stride.

So what’s the difference between them – and which one should you choose?

Here’s a rundown of the key differences between them to help you make a more informed decision:


nordictrack act vs 7 comparison
Adjustable Stride on the Nordictrack ACT



Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 – Price


The Nordictrack ACT Commercial elliptical is the starter model in the series. It comes in at a more affordable price – around £999 with Free Shipping here.

The Nordictrack ACT 7 is the luxury model with all the bells and whistles. You can get it for around £1499 with Free Shipping here.

So what do you get for the extra money with the ACT 7 elliptical? Let’s look closer:



Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 Comparison- Console


There is a large difference between consoles. The ACT console is dual color, bright and backlit, with a tablet holder above the console as you can see below:


Nordictrack ACT vs 7 comparison
Nordictrack ACT Commercial Elliptical Console


The ACT 7 steps it up to a full-color, touch-screen console with built-in web browser (and a tablet holder above the console). So you can surf the net or watch YouTube videos right from your console as you workout:


nordictrack A.C.T vs A.C.T. 7 eliptical
Nordictrack ACT 7 Console


This alone can make your workouts a lot more fun and interesting. It can also make iFit scenery (see below) a lot more enjoyable to watch.

Also note that the console window itself is larger on the ACT 7 model – 7 inches vs 5 inches. So it’s easier to read your workout stats with this console.




Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 – Flywheel


A heavier flywheel on a trainer gives you an overall smoother-feeling ride. It also helps to anchor the machine for improved stability.


Nordictrack commercial act vs act 7 elliptical


The ACT elliptical has a 10 kg flywheel – which is good. But the ACT 7 steps it up to a 12 kg flywheel – which is better.

So overall the ACT 7 model is going to feel a bit more stable and smoother, especially when you pick up the pace.




Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 Comparison – Heart Rate


Both machines comes with hand grip heart rate monitors. However if you’ve ever tried using one of these you’ll know that they aren’t the most accurate tools to use.


nordictrack act vs 7


This is why many people prefer to use something like a wireless polar heart rate chest strap.

While both machines are compatible with a wireless chest strap, if you get the ACT 7 direct through the Manufacturer here, you can get a free wireless chest strap included.

There is no chest strap offered on the ACT model.




Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 Elliptical – iFit Coach


Both ellipticals come iFit compatible – meaning you can add the subscription service to your trainer whenever you want. However it’s fair to note that because the ACT does not have a web browser like the ACT 7, you will have to connect to iFit using your tablet (like in the pic below).

If you don’t have a tablet to watch the different iFit workout videos and trail scenery, you won’t get a lot of use out of iFit on the Nordictrack ACT model.



act vs act 7 elliptical



Nordictrack Freestride ACT vs ACT 7 – Built-in Workouts

Both ellipticals comes with several built-in workouts. However you do get a few more with the ACT 7 trainer – 35 vs 32.

However, if you’re planning on getting an iFit coach subscription for either model, this doesn’t really matter as iFit lets you download countless new workouts.




Bottom Line?

So what’s the final word in the Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 elliptical debate?

Well, both have their advantages. The ACT model is the most affordable – and great for buyers on a budget.

You still get the adjustable stride and all the benefits of a center drive elliptical trainer. You just don’t get all the fancier bells and whistles of the ACT 7.

The ACT 7 gives you the full color console with web browser, which can really spice up your workouts. Plus the console is larger and easier to read.

You also have the heavier flywheel for added stability on the ACT 7 and the Free wireless heart rate monitor.

So it really comes down to your personal situation and what you want to have in a trainer.

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nordictrack act vs act 7 comparison
Nordictrack ACT 7 Elliptical



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Nordictrack ACT vs ACT 7 elliptical
Nordictrack ACT Elliptical