Nordictrack C7.5 Elliptical Review

Nordictrack C7.5 Elliptical- What You Need To Know


The Nordictrack C7.5 Elliptical is a super-affordable front-drive elliptical in the Nordictrack lineup.

Many people prefer front-drive trainers since they tend to be a bit more stable than rear-drive models – since the large flywheel is directly under the console.


nordictrack c7.5 elliptical review
Nordictrack 7.5 Elliptical


One major benefit of the Nordictrack C7.5 trainer is power ramp. Ramp (also called incline) changes the slope of your elliptical running path, which helps you to get a better crosstraining workout.

You also get a bright, backlit console on this trainer and a tablet holder above the console. So you can attach your tablet and watch your favorite movies or TV shows as you workout.

So is the Nordictrack C7.5 elliptical a good choice for you? Here’s a rundown of what you need to know before you buy:


Nordictrack C7.5 Elliptical Console



Price:  £699 + Free Shipping Here

Resistance Levels: 22

Stride: 20 Inches

Max User Weight: 125 kg

Footprint: 180 cm L x 65 cm W x 179 cm H

Built-in Workouts: 26

Warranty:   5-year frame warranty and a 2-year parts and labour warranty


nordictrack c7.5 elliptical review
Nordictrack 7.5 Trainer



Nordictrack C7.5 Elliptical Review – Benefits:


Healthy 20 Inch Stride

The stride length is the furthest distance between the pedals. A lot of starter ellipticals have much smaller strides, which can make your running path feel short and uncomfortable.

But the long 20 inch stride on this trainer helps you to more fully work your leg muscles and get a more comfortable ride overall.



nordictrack 7.5 review


Power Ramp

The ramp changes the slope or angle of your running path, helping you to target and tone different lower body muscles.

Unlike a lot of starter ellipticals that have manual ramp (where you have to get off and adjust the ramp every time you want to change it), the C 7.5 trainer gives you power ramp – which means you can change the ramp level from the comfort of the console. So you don’t  have to get off the machine and interrupt your workout.

Also, you get from 0 – 20 degree ramp, which is excellent. Even some higher end trainers only give you up to 10 degree ramp.



nordictrack c7.5 elliptical review


Tablet Holder Above the Console

You can attach your tablet to the sturdy bracket above the console and watch your favorite shows or movies as you workout. The tablet holder is adjustable – so you can choose the most comfortable viewing angle based on your height.

You can also use your tablet to connect to iFit Coach (see below) and watch the world trail scenery through the screen.


nordictrack c7.5 review



Travel the World With iFit

The Nordictrack C7.5 elliptical comes iFit Coach compatible. iFit connects your elliptical to the Internet and from there you can track your workouts over time and set new fitness goals.


nordictrack 7.5 elliptical trainer reviews


You can also run famous trails all over the world – from Hawaii to Paris – and watch real scenery pass you by (through your tablet screen.

You can also take part in daily fitness classes right from your elliptical – or download new workouts directly to your machine.



26 Built-in Workouts

Not sure you want to try iFit? No problem, the elliptical also comes with 26 built-in workouts included. These workouts are designed by a certified professional trainer to meet specific goals like calorie, time, heart rate and more.

The workouts will automatically adjust your elliptical trainers incline and resistance to meet these goals.



nordictrack c 7.5 elliptical review


iPod Dock with Speakers

You can hook up your iPod or other mp3 device to the console and listen to your favorite workout music through the built-in speakers in the console.



Transport Wheels on the Bottom

Need to move the C7.5 trainer around? No problem. There are transport wheels on the bottom of the trainer that make it easy to move the elliptical around.


nordictrack C7.5 reviews



Nordictrack C7.5 Elliptical Review – What You Should Know:



iFit Coach

Although you don’t need iFit to use this elliptical, if you want to try iFit, you’ll need to purchase online subscription from the manufacturer (about £79 per year).

Also, if you don’t have your own tablet to connect to iFit online, you won’t be able to get full use out of the iFit training and scenery.


nordictrack c7.5 trainer reviews



The Nordictrack C7.5 is a starter elliptical without a lot of the bells and whistles of higher end trainers (like the full-color consoles, wireless heart rate belts or advanced speaker systems).

Also, the console is on the smaller side (5 inches) compared to the larger consoles of the higher end models.



Bottom Line?

While it’s on the simpler side, the Nordictrack C7.5 does pack a lot of value into the price tag, especially when compared to other starter models.

You get the backlit, easy-to-read console with the option to add iFit through your tablet. Plus you get power incline and over 20 built-in workouts to add extra crosstraining to your workouts.

The extra long stride will also help you get a more comfortable, full body workout. If you’re looking for a simple, but well-constructed elliptical with good value for the money, it’s definitely worth considering.



Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can get the Nordictrack C7.5 elliptical trainer direct from the Manufacturer here. Plus they’re also offering you Free Shipping which can save you about £75.


Click Here to Save on the Nordictrack C7.5 Elliptical


nordictrack c7.5 elliptical review
Nordictrack 7.5 Elliptical