Nordictrack C9.5 Elliptical Review

Nordictrack C9.5 Elliptical – What You Need To Know


The Nordictrack C9.5 Elliptical is one of the most popular front-drive ellipticals in the Nordictrack lineup.

This is most likely due to the fact that it’s one of the most affordable ellipticals with a full-color console and touch-screen web browser.


Nordictrack C9.5 Elliptical Review
Nordictrack 9.5 Elliptical

So you can go online catch up on the latest business news, watch YouTube videos or read emails as you workout – something you can’t do with a lot of other ellipticals!

The Nordictrack C9.5 elliptical also gives you up to 20 degrees of power ramp – which helps you to get a more effective crosstraining workout.

So is it a good choice for you? Here are the main points you need to know before you decide:



nordictrack 9.5 review
Nordictrack C9.5 Elliptical Console



Price:  £999 + Free Shipping Here

Resistance Levels: 22

Stride: 18 – 20 Inches

Max User Weight: 125 kg

Footprint: 180 L x 65 W x 179 H (cm)

Built-in Workouts: 32

Warranty:   5-year frame warranty and a 2-year parts and labour warranty




Nordictrack C9.5 Elliptical Review – Benefits:


Full Color Web Browser in the Console

You get a full-color, touch-screen Android web browser in the console of this elliptical – something you don’t usually find in any starter elliptical.


nordictrack C9.5 review


It uses the Wifi in your home to connect and from there you can watch YouTube videos or catch up on social media with your friends as you run.

You can also use it to connect to iFit and run trails all over the world (see below) for some virtual reality training.



Healthy 18 – 20 Inch Stride

The stride length is the furthest distance between the pedals.

A longer stride helps you to work your lower body muscles more fully (it’s like stretching out in a comfortable run vs doing shorter running strides, which feels unnatural for most people).

The stride length runs from 18 – 20 inches which is ideal (the stride changes based on your ramp setting). So you can get a more effective workout overall with this longer, healthy stride.


nordictrack c9.5 elliptical review


Power Ramp

The ramp changes the slope or angle of your running path, helping you to target and tone different lower body muscles.

The Nordictrack c9.5 trainer gives you from 0 – 20 degree power ramp. You can easily change the ramp settings from the buttons on the console..



Explore the World With iFit

The Nordictrack C9.5 elliptical comes iFit Coach compatible. iFit connects your elliptical to the Internet and from there you can track your workouts, set and reach new fitness goals – and so much more.


iFit Coach on the Nordictrack 9.5 elliptical

You can get HD workout videos to your console. Workout with your favorite trainers in the Swiss Alps or the shores of Greece – and watch real scenery pass you by in the console screen as you run.

You can also take part in daily fitness classes right from your elliptical – from yoga to running to stretching and more!



nordictrack C9.5 trainer review


Tablet Holder Above the Console

You can attach your tablet to the sturdy bracket above the console and watch your favorite shows or movies as you workout. The tablet holder is adjustable – so you can choose the most comfortable viewing angle based on your height.

You can also use your tablet to connect to iFit Coach (see pic above) and watch the world trail scenery through the screen if you don’t want to use your console to do it.



Adjustable Pedals

Tailor the workout feel to your body even more with the oversized adjustable pedals. Choose from 3 different toe-heel angles and find the most comfortable fit for you.



iPod Dock with Speakers

You can hook up your iPod or other mp3 device to the console and listen to your favorite workout music through the built-in speakers in the console.






Nordictrack C9.5 Elliptical Review – What You Should Know:


iFit Coach

Although you don’t need iFit to use this elliptical, if you want to try iFit, you’ll need to purchase online subscription from the manufacturer (about £79 per year).

Note that the web browser works fine on this elliptical even without the iFit subscription.




No Wireless Heart Rate Chest Strap

While this trainer does work with a polar wireless heart rate chest strap, you don’t get one included with the elliptical. If you want one you’ll have to get one separately yourself.



Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for one of the most affordable elliptical trainers with the included web browser console, you’ll love the Nordictrack C9.5 trainer. You can surf the net right from your console as you workout!

Plus you also get a comfortable 20 inch stride and power incline so you can add more crosstraining to your workouts.

And the adjustable pedals with console fan are two more things you can use to get a more comfortable workout experience. Overall, great value for a very low price.



Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can get the Nordictrack C9.5 elliptical trainer direct from the Manufacturer here. Plus they’re also offering you Free Shipping which can save you about £75.


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Nordictrack C9.5 Elliptical Review
Nordictrack 9.5 Elliptical