Nordictrack Freestride FS5i Review

Nordictrack Freestride FS5i Trainer – What You Need To Know


The Nordictrack Freestride FS5i trainer is a brand new kind of crosstrainer.

It give you the benefits of 3-machines-in-1 – the stair climbing of a stepper, the running of a treadmill and the full-body workout of an elliptical trainer.


nordictrack freestride fs5i review
Nordictrack Freestrider FS5i


How does it do this?

It uses a floating suspension system instead of a traditional crank-connected pedal that you have on other ellipticals. This means you set the length of your stride instead of running in a set stride pathway.

In fact, while normal trainers usually have a stride length of 18 or 20 inches, the Freestrider FS5i gives you strides of up to 32 inches!

So you can get a much more optimal crosstraining workout.

So is the Freestride FS5i elliptical a good choice for you?  Here are some things to know before you buy:

nordictrack freestride fs5i elliptical review
Nordictrack Freestride FS5i Elliptical Console



Price:  £999 + Free Shipping Here

Resistance Levels: 22

Stride: Adaptable up to 32 Inches

Max User Weight: 135 kg

Footprint: 174 cm L x 72 cm W x 174 cm H

Built-in Workouts: 32

Warranty:   5-year frame warranty and a 2-year parts and labour warranty



Nordictrack Freestride FS5i Trainer Review – Benefits:


Adaptable Stride – Up To 32 Inches

The Freestrider elliptical uses a floating suspension design which is different than a standard elliptical trainer. Instead of the traditional rails attached to the crank, the pedals ride on belts.

This adds the feeling of floating on air and gives you total control of your stride length and path.  Because you have control of your path and stride length, this lets you choose the most ergonomically friendly running path for your body – giving you a more comfortable workout.



nordictrack freestride FS5i Review UK


It also gives you a lot more options!

You can do short strides like with a stair-climber machine, longer jogging type of strides like a traditional elliptical – or even longer running strides like on a treadmill, all with almost no impact.



Ultra Low Impact

The floating suspension design is almost zero impact on your joints. This means that if you suffer with knee, hip, joint or back problems, this can be a great way to workout without aggravating your injuries.

It’s also ideal for runners who tend to get shin splints – you can still run without the strain on your joints.





Backlit Console with Tablet Holder

The Console is backlit and easy to read with a scrolling message board to lead you through your workout. The wide viewing angle shows your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories burned.


Nordictrack Freestride Trainer FS5i Review


You can also watch your workout progress on a quarter-mile racetrack. There are one touch buttons up and down the sides of the console for quick, on-the-fly changes.

The sturdy bracket above the console can also hold your tablet. So you can watch your favorite shows or movies as you workout. You can also use your tablet to connect with iFit and watch real life trails or HD video workouts through the tablet screen




Compact Center Drive Design

This Nordictrack Freestride FS5i trainer uses a center drive design (which has two smaller flywheels on either side of the pedals). Many people like this design as it takes up less space and is great for smaller workout areas.


nordictrack freestride fs5i review
Nordictrack Freestrider FS5i


Also, with a center drive trainer, you tend to stand more upright on it instead of leaning on the handrails – which feels a lot more comfortable for many people.




Explore the World with iFit

The FS5i also comes iFit Coach compatible. You can run trails all over the world and watch as real landmarks pass you by in your tablet screen


ifit coach


You can also follow your favorite personal trainers as they lead you through workouts from the Swiss Alps to the shores of Greece with the HD workout videos included. Or take a Livestream fitness class from your tablet.

iFit Coach also lets you track your workouts over time, set new goals and even monitor things  like your food and sleep patterns for better overall health.


ifit coach




Nordictrack Freestride FS5i Elliptical Review – What You Should Know:


iFit Coach Subscription

You don’t need to buy iFit Coach to use this elliptical trainer. It’s optional. However if you do want to check out the iFit programs you will need to buy an online iFit subscription.

Also keep in mind that if you don’t have a tablet you can use with this trainer, you won’t get full use out of iFit (like the workout videos).



Limited Stride

While the adaptable stride is much longer than other standard elliptical trainers, it is a bit shorter (32 inches) than the next model up – the Nordictrack FS7i which has a 38 inch stride.



No Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Included

While the FS5i trainer does work with a wireless heart rate chest strap, you don’t get one included with this model. So if you want one, you’ll have to get one yourself.



Bottom Line?

If you love the concept of the Freestride elliptical trainer (adaptable stride, ultra-low impact and 3-machines-in-1), but you don’t want all the fancy bells and whistles of higher end models, then the Nordictrack FS5i trainer is perfect for you.

It’s ultra-affordable and still gives you the adaptable stride and low impact design of the Freestrider trainer.

Plus you can always add iFit Coach  (or just your favorite TV shows) by adding your own tablet to the bracket above the console for more entertainment options.



Where To Buy At A Discount:

You can get the Nordictrack Freestride FS5i trainer direct from the Manufacturer here. Plus they’re also offering you Free Shipping which can save you about £75.


Click Here to Save on the Nordictrack Freestrider FS5i


nordictrack freestride fs5i review
Nordictrack Freestrider FS5i



Nordictrack freestrider FS5i UK