Nordictrack or Sole Elliptical Trainer? Which Should You Choose?


Sole Elliptical

Trying to choose between a Nordictrack or Sole elliptical trainer?

While Nordictrack elliptical trainers are a little more well known than Sole in the UK, Sole trainers are also gaining popularity.

Sole actually started in the US in hotel chains however they then started selling their treadmills and ellipticals to residential homes.

I personally think Sole trainers are excellent in terms of construction quality and comfort design.

They do fall down a bit in terms of entertainment options.

However I’ve heard rumors that the company in the US has been going through some problems – so I’m not sure how that affects the UK market (if at all).

This video gives you a pretty balanced view of the main differences between a Nordictrack or Sole elliptical. You’ll see the benefits of each.



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Nordictrack or Sole elliptical
Nordictrack Elliptical
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Sole or Nordictrack elliptical trainer?
Sole Elliptical